The Story of Our Name…The Pilgrimage

The name of this movement first came to me as I read Unnoticed Neighbors by author Erina Ludwig. As a matter of fact, I found inspiration in the first words in the book.

From her prologue…

“We are all pilgrims- every single one of us. Our earliest ancestors originated from dust and holy breath, but ever since we’ve appeared by some other mystery. We’re born traveling, crossing one realm into another, to visit for a while. We arrive one day and grow and live, and stay for the interim, and then we’re traveling again. Our journey is a long one- long, deep, and wide- and it takes every bit of us. It is a journey not just on te outside, but on the inside too. It is a pilgrimage- a pilgrimage over, inside, into, and through life.”

Though we’ve never met, I thank Ms Ludwig for those words, the inspiration from them, and for allowing God to work through her. Unbeknownst to her, she helped us plant a small work so that we could honor God with our lives.

Unnoticed Neighbors: A Pilgrimage into the Social Justice Story"".

The House Studio


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