Doing Right is a Learned Activity

Last Sunday I preached a message on Social Justice at Parkway Community Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach SC. After the message me, my dad, and my 7-yo minion Abishai left to go to lunch and a gun show. We stopped at a Taco Bell a few miles away. When we got there we saw a man at the car wash next door looking through the trash cans for food. He looked like a typical homeless guy, dirty and unkempt. There was a small black and white cat with him hopping from trash can to trash can hoping the guy would find someting to share.

We noticed it. I knew what I saw and even remarked about it. “There’s a homeless guy going through the garbage.” I didn’t think much more about it though. My mind just didn’t go there until my dad said, “You wanna see if he wants to eat with us.” My first thought was, “Wow! Of course I want to to see if he wants to eat with us.” I’m ashamed I didn’t suggest it myself.

The guy said he’d rather stay outside and eat, but that he would be really grateful for some food. My dad bought him a meal, and me and my son ran it back out to him. My son really enjoyed doing it. It was a new supercool experience for him. He was very thankful.

That’s the problem with the whole social justice thing that I’m finding out. For someone who hasn’t been geared that way for so many years, becoming socially responsible is a learned activity, one that I’m excited about continuing my education into. I hope you’ll follow me as I walk this journey.


5 thoughts on “Doing Right is a Learned Activity

  1. Baby steps are key to any journey and it would seem you have begun yours. Thanks for making the rest of us aware, and keep it going.

  2. I would definitely agree, it is a learned activity. When I began the Community Outreach Ministry at Live Oak Church, I quickly realized that it was not going to be easy for me personally. I had to get myself into that mindset and of course allow God to open my mind and heart to all the needs around me that we could meet. And not only recognize those needs, but doing something about it. Keep up the hard work, it will be well worth it!

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