Moore’s Law for Giving

In case you’re not familiar with Moore’s Law, it’s named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore. It applies to pretty much any computing capability such as memory, processing speed, etc and states that improvements double roughly every 2-3 years. For instance, doubling memory speed or pixels in a digital camera every couple of years.

Ever since I read about Moore’s Law in a book by Bill Gates I’ve also applied it to my own life in many areas for my goal-setting ventures. I attempt to double my income every 2 years. I attempt to double the number of books I read every 2 years. Etc, etc.

Last year was the first that my family participated in Operation Christmas Child. Each one of my boys did a box, and they dropped them off at a collection site. One of my boys boxes was even shown on the Christmas Child brochure where it was given to a little boy in Belize.

Apply Moore’s Law…

This year each of my boys did 2 boxes. Instead of dropping them off at a collection site we participated in a shoebox packing party where we helped pack another 29 boxes. It was so much fun.

Apply Moore’s Law…

Next year we’re looking to do 3 boxes each and go volunteer at the Samaritan’s Purse warehouse in Boone NC!

What venture is there in your life where you should be applying Moore’s Law?


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