Our Church Plant Wish List

So, it’ll only be 27 days until our first church service here at The Pilgrimage. With that approaching very quickly and it being Christmas season, I’d like to send out a wish list of things we would like to have for the church. I’d love to have these before we launch, but if you can help us, any time would be a good time.

Regarding the finances of our church, we’re starting on a shoestring budget. In business we’d be called a lean start-up. The coffers of the church right now consist of the weekly tithe from my family, which is 10% of our income. It’s what we were always giving to our previous church, in addition to special gifts and offerings. I’m dedicated to running this church debt free, or the Dave Ramsey way, as many of you might be familiar

With that said, here’s our wish list…

  1. Microwave
  2. Snacks- microwave popcorn, drinks, coffee, cookies, or really anything people would enjoy eating at church
  3. Keurig coffeemaker. This seems like a perfect way to offer people their desired hot beverage. Costco has a machine that comes with 60 k-cups for $149.99
  4. Or a Cuisinart coffee machine that has the coffee on one side and hot water dispenser on the other
  5. 25 Hole in Our Gospel study kits. These are $189. This is for a future Bible study I’m planning.
  6. Wall mount for a flat screen television. We already have the TV, but it sits on a table and won’t be easy for everyone to see.
  7. A half-dozen small road signs like the realty signs you see everywhere
  8. A large magnet sign for our main door
  9. A sidewalk stand-alone sign

Looking ahead we’re already forecasting needs to augment our existing space with a children’s church area. For that, we need…

  1. Flat screen television
  2. DVD player
  3. Padded floor mats
  4. About a dozen small fold-up kid’s chairs
  5. 2 or 3 bean bags
  6. Small kid’s picnic table


Please help us out as much as you can!



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