Find Your Heart

I’ve said from the beginning of this Pilgrimage project that I don’t want to overwhelm people with opportunities to serve. It would be so easy to do. Present project after project and there’s a danger that truly good people will want to give to everything or do everything. Then they realize that they can’t do it all and they get depressed or even angry that their effect is so small in comparison with all of the needs that are out there.

I don’t want that. What I do want is to help people find opportunities where they can direct their passions, interests, and skills. I want them to direct a laser focus toward a particular project or opportunity that God reveals to them. When they can find that and get wholly engaged in that, then they can do it. At that point and with that type of a mission one man, one woman, or one child can actually change the world. Wow, I get so excited just thinking about the prospect of that!

That’s my goal. Building, motivating, inspiring, and equipping people to go out and change the world one project and one person at a time.

Want an example, just look at Scott Harrison over at Charity:Water.

I heard a quote from the new show Once Upon a Time that sums up my goal superbly. It was said by the Huntsman in season 1, episode 7-

“It’s my heart. I need to find it.”

I’d like to help you find your heart.


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