Spread Some Christmas Love in a Can

My son’s Cub Scout Den decided to spend their good deeds money jar on a bundle of groceries to donate to the South Strand Helping Hand. We weren’t able to make the grocery buying party, so my son accompanied our Asst Scout Leader and her son to deliver the food. From what I hear, the boys had an excellent time during both parts of the event. Kudos to the boys too for generating quite a bit of money gathered in 25 cent increments.

My wife forgot to take pics though, so she went back again today to get pics of my boys dropping off even more food. The staff there is awesome. Even though we were dropping off food, my boys still left with a juice box each and a fistful of animal crackers. I love my boys for their giving attitude. They get such a kick out of charity events and making other people happy.

(Look at the bottom. My baby is just sitting there hanging out.)

The Pilgrimage is going to be partnering with South Strand Helping Hand, as do many other local churches, as the place to refer benevolence requests for help with food, bills, etc. They do an awesome job of concentrating the resources of many into one place. I hope you’ll consider helping them as well.


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