Combat Christmas Caroling

I’ll be honest, I had to look up “caroling”. Two “L’s” or just one?

So, why Combat Christmas Caroling? I’ll explain…

My 7yo son Abishai is doing a Christmas holiday unit study for all of December in our home school, The Powers School for Gifted Youngsters. I really did name it that. It’s our school, and I thought the nod to Professor X’s academy was fitting. Maybe my boys will turn into superhero mutants when they hit puberty. As part of his unit study, he had several tasks to complete for a project.

  1. Make food. He and my wife made a plate of cookies to give to each house that they sang at. In addition, they also made sausage balls and wassail for the after party.
  2. He made the song books for carolers. He actually hand drew both the front and back covers for the books.
  3. He helped recruit carolers to join him.

He was pretty excited about the whole thing. At its peak, there were 8 carolers, which is a pretty good size. Now, just for clarification, when I say “we”, I do not include me. I don’t sing well. We decided to do our street, because we see most of the neighbors and at least say hey to them as they walk the dogs or drive by. Before going out, he and my nephew were sitting in the living room rehearsing their songs. They were really looking forward to it.

And that’s where most of the fun ended…

The boys had a great time because they didn’t know what to expect, but the vast majority of the neighbors were really rude. They slammed doors, snatched the cookies and walked away, or just glanced at them through the blinds and wouldn’t even open the door. I’ll be honest. I was pretty mad and really tempted to do a late night sneak-and-peek and smash some of their decorations. I didn’t though. I used it as an opportunity to teach my son a great life lesson about doing right no matter how people treat you. He took it really well. He’s young and impressionable like that, still with the impression that world is genuinely a good place filled with good people. I don’t want to take that innocence away from him too early. The experience alone was enough to make him happy, and if he’s happy about it, then I’m happy with him. The neighbors…different story.

Here’s the thread that shot up on Facebook about it…

I said, “My 7yo son organized a family and church Christmas caroling in my neighborhood, and almost every house was rude to him. One even shut a door in his face. Love the Christmas spirit around here.”

Sean said, You should put some coal on their porch.

Tommy said, I wasn’t thinking coal. Seen Billy Madison?

I replied, It was a great opportunity to teach him about doing right no matter what, but I’m tempted to take a baseball bat to their decorations.

Ed said, It’s gotta be something with a flame……mmmmmm!

Lisa said, That’s terrible! HATED living in a neighborhood!

Chris said, People are pretty insular these days.

Chris said, That’s sad.

Another Chris said, Can’t believe people these days! They’re rude, selfish…need I go on? Poor little kid!

James said, Come to Lyons Cove. We’ll join ya’s…been rehearsing O Holy Night in the key of C!!

James said, Doc, forgive ’em and pray for them…that kills ’em the best!!

Jim said, They weren’t wearing their “Santa Claus is Dead” shirts, were they?

Tracy said, Now that’s not right at all.

Kevin said, Wow brother, that is harsh. Yeah, lots of lessons to teach. Makes me appreciate our small, conservative, Rocky Mtn. town that seems to adore such things. But hey, Jesus went to the folks who needed it most, eh?!

Janine said, That is so disgusting.. David here in South Africa we have carols by candle light. And the majority of people who attend is Muslims and Jews. And we have a wonderful time. Nobody discriminates each other. If you go into the shopping malls.

Mike said, Doc, that’s pretty sad. Really. Bunch of Scrooges. Apparently, in my neighborhood, they have managed to forego any problems with disgruntled, less than festive residents when the activities committee organizes a caroling trip. They simply d…rive by so fast in their SUV pulling the caroling “wagon” that you dont’ have time to get mad at them. A few nights ago, I heard a commotion, a horn blow and then I saw the red blur of a drawn haywagon type contraption full of people at once trying to sing and hold themselves from being thrown out at the same time whiz past the house at about 20 mph. Nice idea but bad delivery.See More

Rita said,  Unfortunately a life lesson on rudeness of others and to love ’em anyway!

Kimberlee said, That’s sad, maybe try a different neighbor hood

Sophia said, Would not have happened here, they love it when churches do that here, too bad you live where a lot of rude, uncaring people do. Sure not a Christian attitude, hope it does not put him off from wanting to do other things for people.


3 thoughts on “Combat Christmas Caroling

  1. Via Facebook- Sophia wrote: “sorry the caroling did not work out and so many scrooges in the world, they forgot what it is like to be a child, may they have a very “unmerry Christmas’ without love in our hearts we are a cold, uncaring nation.”

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