The Proper Care and Maintenance of Children

I just wanted to sing the praises of two particular churches that we’ve attended recently who did an awesomely cool thing in the nursery.

It’s really nothing but a sticker, but it means so much.

To a parent, it really doesn’t matter how spiritual the teaching or how cool the church is, if they can’t trust the care of their children in the nursery. A lot of churches don’t realize that. Many assume a piece of carpet on a concrete floor and a ratty toy are good enough and as long as the kids aren’t bleeding or screaming at the end of the service that everything is cool. Other churches go above and beyond, because if the parents are comfortable and the kids are not only safe and secure but happy then the parents are much more receptive to God’s teaching and the church’s ministry.

A few ideas…cheery decor, new baby furniture, clean toys, spotless floors, background checks on the kid workers, and I could keep going.

Then there’s also the small item that inspired this post, a little sticker letting a parent know when their baby was changed. As a dad, I can say that it means a whole lot to me. It shows that the staff care about their kids. It shows that they checked and changed my wee one. I’ve been to some churches that never do. At some places it’s like they just hope they can hold out and that the parents will pick up their kids before the poop and pee spill out.

So, big kudos go out to Wellspring Church (the sticker shown above) in Myrtle Beach SC, my former church home, and to Emmaus Church near Atlanta GA (the sticker below) that we visited after this year’s Catalyst conference.

Great job guys!


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