The Call to Action Packs

I’m really busy in my office right now getting things ready and cleaned up for the church launch only a few days away. I’m putting the finishing touches on the “Call to Action Packs” that I plan on giving to every first time visitor. The neat thing about first time visitors at a brand new church is that everyone is a first time visitor for now.

Each item in the bag is chosen carefully for two purposes. The first purpose is a call to action, to do something, to be active, to get busy. The second purpose is to inspire each and every person who receives one to do something glorious. God created us to be happy, to be adventurous, to live life to its fullest.

Here’s some of the items I’m putting in there…

A coffee sample bag from the Cafe Don Pablo Coffee Roasting Company. Don and his wife are really awesome. They came up from Miami for one of my coffee parties a couple of years back. And, yes, that’s him on the bag. Coffee is a great beverage with a great story. Just drinking coffee can invigorate you. Learning about it can do so much more.

Ink pen. Create. Write. Launch a thousand ships.

A social justice pamphlet or flyer. Find a cause you can be passionate about…that helps someone else.

A gift. It could be a book or a just a plastic cup or even something else crazy. Give someone a random gift sometime. It’s fun.

And even more stuff. Each bag has about a dozen things in it, and each one is just a little different from the other.

I hope everyone enjoys them. I know that I’ll enjoy giving them out at the end of the services.


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