Blessing at the Bookstore

Wow! I just had something happen to me that I had to tell everyone about. But first, let me give you some background…

Every Sunday I issue a challenge, a slice of Fight Club style homework, a little thing we call The Experiment. It’s a task I ask each and every attendee to do during the coming week to expand their boundaries and their service to others.

A couple of week’s ago The Experiment was to buy a random gift for someone. Totally out of the blue. It could be for someone you know or a stranger. Doesn’t matter.

I hadn’t bought mine yet. I know. I know. Great example for the Pastor. Great proof though that doing good in new ways is a trained behavior that sometimes requires practice.

Today I was at The Book Warehouse scarfing up all of the discounted books I could carry. I saw a book about the history of poisoning murders in America. I have a friend here in Myrtle Beach who is a serial killer buff, so I thought it would make a great random surprise gift for her. Experiment…done!

Now here’s the thing about doing good for others. It often comes back to you. It’s not karma, but that’s a discussion for another post. It’s just that good often begets good.

While in the store I was also buying a ton of goodies to use as gifts in our Call To Action>Packs that we give to all visitors. I got up to the counter and the lady at the bookstore said to grab them all and take them. Then she showed me some others in the gift bin and told me to take them too. Then she went even further and pulled other items out of my basket and said take that too. Then my little boy walked up with a book he wanted and she said take that too. Then she answered the phone and it was her boss. I heard her tell the boss, “Just wanted to let you know that we’re giving away most of the mini-books,” and the boss said, “Ok.”

Oh, man! I added up the huge box full of stuff that I walked out with and it totaled 213 free items with a retail value of $1212.39 w/o tax.

Wow! If you were at last week’s service, you know what I really wanted to say…WHOOOOO!


9 thoughts on “Blessing at the Bookstore

  1. Via Facebook- Delton wrote: “Following your chosen path can at times bring you unexpected riches. I think that is what happened here. Great experience for you and your son!”

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