A Divine Detour

I’ve been working all week on the sermon for this Sunday. Most of it was done and ready, but I just didn’t feel any energy behind it, like it was off somehow. Then I had a God moment today.

I was driving back to my office and praying for my aunt Susie, who was at that very moment being checked out for a serious medical condition. After I asked God for a healing for her I kept praying. I felt God sending me on a detour with my my upcoming message. In that brief few moments before arriving at the office I saw the entire message unfold in my mind. Not the one I planned or worked so hard on, but the one I needed to give.

I don’t know if this new sermon is for me or for someone who’ll be in attendance. That part doesn’t matter. Maybe it’ll be for someone someday who’ll watch it on Youtube. Still doesn’t matter. It’s not my job to make sure it fits a particular need or person. My job is to make sure that I put it out there and don’t get in the way of the message.

My question for you right now is this…Is God trying to send you on a detour that you’re not taking?


One thought on “A Divine Detour

  1. Via Facebook- Deborah wrote: “Out of God’s great love he forced me into a detour that I would’ve never taken on my own.”

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