The Aftermath of Watching the Sex + Money Movie

I attended a viewing of the Sex + Money movie about human trafficking last night at a local church. A truly frightening movie that I’ll talk about more in length at a later date. I mentioned it on Facebook, and it struck up a pretty good interchange. If you get a chance to see it somewhere, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s the kind of movie that’ll make you feel uncomfortable, but it’s a situation that people need to feel uncomfortable about.

Via Facebook-

Saw the Sex+Money movie on human trafficking tonight at Surfside Methodist Church. Truly frightening stuff!

Chris Y- Sounds sad.

DrDavid PowersIt was a very uncomfortable movie to watch. Surprising how much of it goes on here.

Chris Y- Drexel?   (This was a reference to Brittany Drexel, who disappeared here in Myrtle Beach a while back. She hasn’t been found yet.)

DrDavid PowersIt’s actually pretty rampant in tourist towns where a lot of foreign nationals work in hotels, eateries, etc. Myrtle Beach is slam full of it.

Chris F- This is why Rick wouldn’t take us to Turkey when he was in the AF.

Rita B- David,what did they suggest just the average person to do,to maybe make a difference?

DrDavid Powers‎@Rita- Just to be aware first of all. Know what to look for. Know where to report it. It’s an area where you can help by just being aware or by getting more hardcore and hands on by helping them escape.

Rita B- I stay home so much I probably won’t see anything,but will definitely keep eyes and ears open.Long time ago Harold and I saw two very young girls with a much older man,and he was NOT their father.Made me wonder! I HATE to see young girls or children used like this!Sooo soooo SAD!

Chris F- I read a book about 10 yrs ago about the first profiler and I think the name of the book was called “The Profiler.”  He had daughters and barely let them out of his sight.  He’d be in a park or amusement park and could pick out the molester from all the faces.  I  know this is off the subject a bit but I wish he’d pass on his knowledge to the rest of us!

DrDavid Powers It’s interesting you mention that Chris. Some of the film was devoted to picking out the recruiters at a mall, the guys who look for girls to snatch.


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