Is this church or crayon class?

From the beginning of The Pilgrimage we wanted to do things different with kids, instead of just shipping them off to another room to listen to singy-songs and watch Bible cartoons. We wanted to emulate what other cultures do and include the kids in our main service.

One of the ways we wanted to do that, but still keep the kids interested, is to give out coloring pages that are geared to the service. It’s been a big hit, but in a way that I didn’t quite expect.

Our adults are getting into this too. I’m afraid if I don’t buy more Crayola’s soon that there will be a fight between the 7-year-old and our young twenty-something artist. She knows who I’m talking about. Once she picks out her colors and lines them up, please don’t touch them. They’re hers for the remainder of the service. She’s a super nice young lady, takes some really cool notes on her coloring page, and colors pretty good too.

The only thing I’m worried about is that the adults are still listening to me and not just coloring.

Come and join us and you can color with us too.

These are from last week’s sermon about Australian missionaries


One thought on “Is this church or crayon class?

  1. I think this is an excellent idea, most people want to keep their kids with them anyway, and it gives them the participation I think they need to hear and learn. Keep up the good work.

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