The Past and Present Future of The Pilgrimage

Yesterday I layed out the vision God has given me for The Pilgrimage. It’s not going to be a traditional one or a normal one. I spoke about where we’re headed and some awesome opportunities that have already been opened up to us once our congregation is ready. We’re following a cell church model as we meet in an office that resembles a house church that tries to operate in a cafe church way. If that makes sense to you, you’re awesome! We’re figuring it out as we go and as God carries us along.

My folks, adults and kids, use the coloring pages that I hand out to take notes on and create crayon masterpieces with. For yesterday’s talk titled Welcome to the Wormhole I used a lot of science fiction references. For our coloring page I used Star Wars because I see an awesome object lesson in the fact that the Star Wars story exemplifies so many technological innovations and yet took place so far in the past.

That’s where we are, using the past to shape the future. I hope you’ll join us at The Pilgrimage sometime and see what it’s like.

In the meantime, here’s a coloring page done by one of our resident Crayola maestros…


2 thoughts on “The Past and Present Future of The Pilgrimage

    1. At some point they will be. I’m waiting for a volunteer who’s tech savvy enough to edit them. That skill is beyond my level of attainment.

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