Fill a Bowl. Fight Hunger…or Just Donate Paper Clips

I ran into the Rice Bowls crew at Catalyst last year and was pretty impressed with their ministry. Basically, they give out oodles of little plastic rice bowls for people to fill. Once the bowls are full, you just cash them in and send a check back to Rice Bowl HQ.

I really like their whole operations. It makes it easy to help. Their marketing looks great. Everyone in the organization that I’ve interacted with is awesome. It’s the whole package.

We recently had one of the bowls returned to us at church, and it broke our previous record for just how much change and other goodies could be stuffed into a small bowl. This bowl came to us courtesy of my good friend Shane Watson.

The contents were…

$34.78 in change

1 bobby pin

27 paper clips

The bobby pin I couldn’t use, but the paper clips were a good donation to the church office.

Thanks to all who dropped change into the bowl! The Rice Bowl website says that a full bowl will feed a child for a month.

If you’d like to find a good ministry or charity to give your spare change to, check out the Rice Bowl group and order a couple of the bowls. If you’re part of a group, be it church, business, or other, you can order a bunch of bowls and give them out. I promise it’s worth it.

Here they are…



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