I Can Pray, Walk, and Chew Gum at the Same Time

I’m trying to start a new habit. I’ve started praying my way around my office building in the mornings. It’s not a huge building, so don’t worry that I’ll pass out or ‘hit the wall’ or something. It’s just something I feel I should do.

You see, both our church and my office are in the same place. It’s a hugely enormous-for-what-I-need space that’s in a big warehouse that my dad owns. He operates his exterior remodeling business out of the rest of the space.

I’m going to start praying my way as I walk around the building in the morning, before the day gets started and distractions or trouble or whatever interrupt me. I just walka round. I ask God to bless my dad’s business, offer thanks for the awesome space, and ask God to bless our church. It’s not hard, but it gets me in a spiritual frame of mind to give thanks and be grateful.

Maybe there’s someplace you can do this. Pray around your house, your car, your work. The point is that you should find a way to give thanks each day for the blessings in your life.


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