I’m Copying the Bible

God threw an idea at me from two directions at once, so I thought I should do it.

I was reading a magazine from the Voices of the Martyrs and they mentioned how people in some countries sit and diligently copy and recopy the Bible by hand so that others can have access to it.

I also read in my wingman Ryan McRae’s blog how he’s writing his way through the Bible and how it is blessing him.

I do my devotionals in the mornings before the craziness of the day has a chance to disrupt by best-laid-plans. I read some in my Bible. I read some in a Bible-related book. I pray. And now I’m writing my way through the Bible. I have to admit it’s slow going, but that’s the benefit. I’m forced to really slow down and devour each word as my hand reproduces it. I’m also a really awesome stickman artist, so I’m adding my own illustrations as I go.

I’ve done a couple of the Psalms, Genesis 1-2, and a couple of chapter from Amos. I’m looking forward to continuing the process.

If you’re own Bible study or devotional has gotten stale or boring, try something new to shake it up a little.


2 thoughts on “I’m Copying the Bible

    1. Thanks for visiting! Would you like to join my project?
      I’m doing a project where I’d like to put together the entire Bible handwritten by different folks. Nothing fancy, just your own handwriting plus any drawings/doodles you make. If anyopne would like to contribute, please let me know! All I need is 1 chapter of your pick.

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