Toys are Cheap for Some, Unobtainable for Others

I’ve talked before about the Operation Christmas Child project we participate in ever year. It’s gotten bigger thanks to a couple of awesome folks at our church. One person in particular has been dropping off toys and shoeboxes nonstop. My kids are participating too, in a way that maybe yours can help as well. They get tons of toys and books with their meals at fast food spots. Instead of keeping them and adding to their growing mess of a collection, we’ve ben adding them to the Christmas Child box.

You see, those toys are cheap for my kids. For them, they’re pretty much free since they come with a meal. For kids in other countries though, toys like that just aren’t available. Why not give them away?

Here’s where you come in. Send us your toys and we’ll add them to our Operation Christmas Child collection. Our goal has always been to double the number of boxes we send every year. This year it’ll be 8 that we’re looking to send.

You can send any of the goodies to us at The Pilgrimage, 739 Sandy Lane, Surfside Beach SC 29575 or you’re more than welcome to drop them off if you’re local.



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