Our 26th Church Service at the Pilgrimage

I’d like to start doing an update on the week’s service so my folks and any one that missed can get caught up, reminded, or notified of anything that came up. So, here’s the first one, for our 26th church service ever!

Show some peanut butter love. My friend Jeff Cole runs Project James, an orphanage in Haiti. One of their biggest recurring needs is peanut butter. I asked our folks to show some peanut butter love by buying an extra jar every time they visit the grocery store. Feel free to drop it off at the church. For any of my out of town folks, here’s a link to peanut butter on Amazon. You could always have it shipped straight to the church or to Jeff’s office.

We now have a recycling bin and delivery service thanks to Ms Val offering to take our bottles and cans away!

We could really use some help with the pre- and post-church activities. It’s getting to be a little harder to get everything ready with all my kids underfoot. If anyone could help with things like coffee, putting out and picking up signs, it would be a tremendous assist. Me and the kids show up at 0900. If any helpers could show up by 0930, that would help a lot. Or we could use some help washing the coffee mugs and cleaning up after. That only takes about 10-15 minutes.

Abishai, my oldest wee Viking at 7yo, gave his life to Christ on Father’s Day last week. I’ll be doing a Christianity 101 service next week about salavation and baptism. On July 15, we’ll be doing our first baptismal service as a church at the ocean. If anyone has any questions about all of this or would like to be baptized, this will give us plenty of time to pray and talk about it. We’ll be doing the baptism at 1pm at the 5th Ave N beach access. I’d love for everyone to come out and show support.

Our song for this week was Death in His Grave by John Mark McMillan.

We had a great time with our guest speaker Ms Mary Ann Benedetto, the author of 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing. She talked about crafting the story about your Christian walk and the importance of preserving our stories for others. She left us with some great handouts that make the writing effort so much easier. Click HERE for my review of her book.

We still have one attendee who’s attended every service since we started! You know who you are!

We had a few praise reports and prayer requests. Some of our folks have some big things going on with school and careers.

Our Experiment for this coming week is to think about and work on your Story. Where are you in the Story? How’s it going to end? How did the chapter you’re in right now begin?

That’s it for now! Now go out and endeavor to live this week the way Christ would want you to, full of passion and joy!


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