Church 101- Baptism

Last week’s service went great I thought. We focused on the theology and tradition behind baptism. Because of my son’s recent salvation and upcoming baptism I wanted to bring up the topic in case anyone else in the church wanted to talk about or join in on the event. I’m still stoked that I get to baptise my own son.

Here’s a pic from the wayback machine. It’s me being baptised when I was in high school.

We’re still collecting peanut butter for Project James’ upcoming trip to Haiti. Jeff Cole will be speaking for us on 7/24, so I’d love to be able to build a small pyramid of peanut butter jars for his arrival.

Don’t forget, we’ll be doing our first church baptismal service on July 15. If anyone has any questions about all of this or would like to be baptized, this will give us plenty of time to pray and talk about it. We’ll be doing the baptism at 1pm at the 5th Ave N beach access. I’d love for everyone to come out and show support.

Here’s the song we played, a little secular song from a Christian guy, Adam Young from Owl City. I love his quote about one of his songs, “I feel like if I were ever to hide the fact that that’s what’s so important to me, it would be a crime.”

This week’s Experiment is to look inside and consider if you need to make a decision or perhaps at least be confident in one that you’ve already made, whether it’s salvation or the public display of baptism. The verse for that is 1 John 5:9-13.

I hope you enjoy your week. I’m getting ready to leave for Portland OR tomorrow for the World Domination Summit, so expect a very different service on Sunday.




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