Our First EVER Baptism at The Pilgrimage

Yesterday we held our first ever baptism as a new church. It also marked the first baptism I ever performed. And it was also my son that was baptised. What an awesome day for me personally, my son, and the son. A really nice crowd of friends and family came out for the event as well, which was very awesome!

Here’s a couple of videos of the baptism…

It was a really great event and there were no shark bites, stingray jabs, or thrown sand. A good day for all.

PS…On a side note, I was away last week in Portland Oregon for the second World Domination Summit. My wife ran the service for me and texted me after with some news. We had the single biggest offering yet at the church. Not sure what to do with that news. I’m gone, huge offering. I come back yesterday, no offering. Hmmm…


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