Show Some Peanut Butter Love for Project James

Jeff and Rhonda Cole came by on Sunday to speak to us about their work at Project James. I knew Jeff as an acquaintance from way back, on a pretty much professional basis. He owned a surf shop beside the outdoor store where I would go rock climbing. I’m proud to say now that I know Jeff as a friend.

Project James, in Jeff’s words, is “a christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, widows, families and their communities to bring them into a living relationship with Jesus Christ through tackling the causes of poverty and injustice in their community.” Right now, their main effort is directed toward an orphanage in Haiti, and they’ve made tremendous progress for the kids either live or are schooled there.

They spoke to us at The Pilgrimage this past Sunday, and we had a great time, with a service that lasted several hours and then continued on into a long lunch.

Be sure to check out Jeff and Rhonda’s work at Project James on their website and on Facebook. Jeff has another trip going out to the orphanage planned for November if anyone would like to go. Check out my Facebook page for a few photos from the service. I’m under ‘DrDavid Powers’.

We were also happy to supply them with over 50 pounds of peanut butter that our folks have been bringing in over the past month. My boys had fun building a pyramid of peanut butter jars on the table. The peanut butter isn’t just for normal use either. They use it in a unique way, but I’m not going to tell you. Get in touch with Jeff and ask him. It’s a great story about the good that Project James is doing.


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