Scaling Scott Harrison at Charity: Water

I’m not sure what you thought the title meant, so give me a chance to explain.

I’m a huge fan of Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity: Water for many reasons. He hasn’t led an easy life and fought through lots of adversity and mistakes to get where he is. He’s open to talking about his failures. He’s doing an awesome work. He’s creating something new in a field where new hasn’t been done in a century.

Here’s what I mean about ‘Scaling Scott Harrison’…

I first heard Scott speak at a Catalyst event in Atlanta GA. There were about 13,000 people in the auditorium.

I next heard Scott speak at the second World Domination Summit in Portland OR. There were 1000 people there.

I heard Scott again in a breakout session at the same WDS. There were 30 people in the room.

Scott filmed a video with me for my 8yo son, who is a huge fan of Charity: Water. See the video below.

Scott sat beside me during the closing sessions at WDS.

That’s what I mean about scale. Getting close to one of my heroes, over a matter of 2 years, went from 13,000 people to just me and him. That’s the beauty of being in the right places at the right time. The World Domination Summit, hosted by Chris Guillebeau is one of those places where you can get up close and personal with people of influence. It’s why I keep going back. I may not be a person of huge influence at this point, but I glean what I can from them when I have the opportunity.

What are you doing to scale closer to your heroes? Do you only read about them in magazines or online? Or do you get brave and try to set up meetings or establish a relationship with them? I’m not talking about stalking. I’m talking about trying. I’ve been turned down for lunches and meetings by some of the most famous people in the world. I’ve also had the chance to meet and spend time with some of those people, because I scaled it down and asked.

What about this on a spiritual level? Is Jesus Christ only a character in a book or have you made an attempt to spend time with Him, get to know Him, and allow Him to influence your life? Scale your relationship with Jesus from the speaking to the masses to where it’s just you and Him.


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