We’re Going for Weird

On Sunday I asked the crew to make a list of things I said or did that would get them kicked out of a normal church. Here’s one of the lists…

  1. Mentioned Dumbledore and Harry Potter in a good way
  2. Good coffee in the service and allowed to drink it in the auditorium (auditorium is a loose word for where we meet)
  3. Coloring pages and crayons for the adults and kids
  4. People, including the Pastor, wear Punisher and Darth Vader shirts
  5. No opening prayer (oops)…nevermind. Later in service.
  6. Sevendust song in video we played
  7. Pastor discusses his six pack, or the lack thereof
  8. Plays a worship song by a Jewish singer

Other lists included…

  • Tattoos are welcome
  • People wear flip flops and shorts
  • Kids are in the main service with the adults
  • Our pews are couches
  • Half-naked men are used on slide shows

And this was just one service.

We’re not normal, but we don’t want to be. We’re non-traditional because that’s what God has called us to.


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