Someone Stole My Heart’s Work

Have you ever read a book and saw your ideas right there in print with someone else’s name on the cover? I hate it. It happened to me recently. It’s not plagiarism, but it’s kind of worse, in a different way. It’s like taking my thoughts.

Right now I’m reading Church 3.0 by Neil Cole. It was recommended to me by Pastor Dan Grider, the founder and director of the Ignite Church Multiplication Network. I spoke to him and he said to read the book, because it expresses a lot about what he does at Ignite. So I bought the book and got caught up in it. I mean really caught up. It’s like Neil Cole has taken my heart for what I want to do at The Pilgrimage and written it down. He also added a ton of research to it. Then he really made me mad and used examples and his own life experiences to make it really good.

I mean seriously, those were my ideas. Well, not before Neil wrote them down or put them into practice. Like Francis Chan says in the Introduction to the book, I thought I was trying something unique. It turns out I’m not. You know what though, this means that I now have help. There are others who have gone before me. I can learn from their mistakes and implement their strategies.

I’ve been singing the praises of this book, and I haven’t even finished it yet. I’ll tell you more about how we’re using it as time goes on. I’ll be honest though, a lot of people don’t like the book, and that includes a lot of Pastors. The book talks about how we’ve done less than our best with church 2.0 and how the establishment, institutionalism, and bureaucracy of our modern churches just aren’t cutting it. That’s why they’re mad, but it’s not what makes the book great. It’s an awesome book because Neil spends most of his time describing a way that we can do things better.

Better is what I want at The Pilgrimage.


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