Twenty Things To Do Before I Visit Heaven

We did an exercise in church today regarding faith in action and came up with a list of 20 things a Christian should do before entering Heaven. This list came from the group, which included both adults and kids.

  1. Go visit a missionary on their turf.
  2. Have your own personal salvation experience. (It’s definitely a good idea to have this one down before Heaven or Hell enter the picture. “Oops, too late” isn’t a good thing to say at that point).
  3. Experience real global poverty, not just what we think is poverty in the US.
  4. Open up your house up to someone in need.
  5. Give away toys.
  6. Give a day’s wages to a charity.
  7. Give somebody a meal.
  8. Make a friend in a different generation than yours.
  9. Reach your own family for Christ.
  10. Sing or play an instrument in church at least once.
  11. Spend a full day in a wheelchair.
  12. Do a fundraising event for something outside of yourself or your fave charity.
  13. Speak in church at least once.
  14. Find a place to volunteer consistently.
  15. Help bring someone else to success when you have nothing to gain.
  16. Start a ministry of some kind.
  17. Visit someone in a nursing home.
  18. Encourage your friends to join you in something.
  19. Bring someone to church that’s never been before.
  20. Create a story worth sharing.

I thought that was a pretty good list. I further challenged the group to each do at least one of these this week. The truly great thing about each item on this list is that any one of these could last you a lifetime of faith in action.

Which one are you going to try this week?

This is my 8yo son’s list he made. He even drew a BHAG from the Jim Collins talk we listened to.


2 thoughts on “Twenty Things To Do Before I Visit Heaven

  1. I like Abashai’s #10. “Fire 6 people” I agree with him totally. Some people in our lives should just be fired. Mainly the time sucking vampires and the total enthusiasm drainers. lol. I think he’s onto something ;)

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