Kids Don’t Listen in Church

I’ve taken some criticism from people who don’t think  that we should include the kids in our church services. They think we should have a seperate kids area with games and cartoons and candy. I’ve even had a few people tell me they don’t come because the kids are a part of the main service. With that, they usually refer to their own kids, which strikes me a little odd. I mean, shouldn’t they have a handle on what their kids do, how they act, and actually want to worship with their kids instead of getting rid of them? The truth is that it’s not really the kids that are the issue. People just want an excuse to stay out of church.

I think a little differently. I like having my kids in the service for several reasons. Number one, our group is just too small to start a kid’s ministry. It’s kind of funny, but the people that want a seperate kids room are usually never the ones who volunteer to staff that room. Number two, my kids are learning a ton of what it really means to be a Christian by listening to the adults. They’re learning much more about Christianity than ponies and rainbows.

We’re currently doing a study called Connect the Dots based on finding God’s will in your life. Here’s a mindmap my 8yo son did during the service. He created little icons for each person based on their interests and wrote a few comments that were made during the discussions. He’s just a kid, but I know a lot of adults that don’t catch that much insight at church.


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