Cults Do What We Do Don’t They?

I always think of it as kind of funny, but sometimes people kind of think of our church as a cult. It’s mainly just because we do things a little different, although not really horribly different. I always tell people that we’re a non-traditional church but just not in the snake-handling kind of way.

I was reminded of this again as I read through Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. In it, he talked about the time he decided to move in with a couple of other guys to share a house. He saw it as experiencing community. Community is something I continually encourage my folks to engage in.

“Living in community sounded so, um, odd. Cults do that sort of thing, you know. First you live in community, and then you drink punch and die.”

I always serve good coffee and, so far, coffee has never been used to cause a mass killing at a cult event. I’d say we’re alright as a church though because we don’t really look like a cult, we just function differently. Right?

As Don said, “Just because something looks like a cult doesn’t mean it really is, right?”


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