Into the Heart of Darkness

We started this church 11 months ago with the intention of creating something where people are challenged to boldly rush into their passions, their calling, and the reflection of God’s will in their lives. It was never intended to be a house of worship where folks can drift in and out, shake a few hands, sing a few songs, and go home to live normal meaningless lives. That’s why we don’t advertise our church. We don’t have big signs on the road. We don’t even invite a ton of people. It’s not a place for everyone. I really don’t want people here who aren’t committed to actually doing something. There are plenty of churches with comfortable pews for those folks.

In that vein I recently checked out an organization a friend of mine is affiliated with called The Exodus Road. In their words, “We’re a non-profit organization that fights modern day slavery through covert investigations. Our coalition of operatives  work together to gather evidence and conduct rescues for those trapped in sexual slavery.”

I was amazed at this organization because they’re not just raising money and talking about the issue of child and sex slavery. Don’t get me wrong, the issue needs the money and the talking, but these men and women are going to these places and actually doing something about it. As Joseph Conrad might say, they are heading into the heart of darkness.

I just finished watching a video by their director Matt Parker. Impressive stuff. I was especially impressed by something his wife said on the video…

“If it was our child, wouldn’t we want someone going out into the darkness on their behalf.”

Yes, I would. I have three small boys. I definitely would.

Be sure to check them out and consider joining their cause. It’s time to quit talking and take that next step.


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