Walking Alone Into the Lion’s Den

Working on ending human trafficking isn’t easy. Think about it. Most people that work toward it just give money and feel better by rubbing that bit of salve over the hole in their gospel. If I sound super-critical, it’s because I am. I’m one of those people that talk against it and give money towards ending it, but I’ve never had boots-on-the-ground experiences in ending it. Think about the folks that do that work.


They go into places that we only see on tv and grimace at.

They go undercover pretending to rent these young ladies, women, and boys just so they can have a conversation with them that won’t get them beaten or killed.

They go in and rescue people, many times at great physical risk.

They help them escape from slavery to freedom.

They gather evidence to prosecute the folks that see human slavery as a prosperous business model.

They do superhero crap fighting bad guys, fighting an established system, fighting the immoral desires and wants of people with money, influence, and guns.

You know what, though. They don’t have superpowers. No guns. Very little back-up.

It’s not like tv where Liam Neeson gets to kill the bad guys, escape with his daughter, and go home to his apartment in Cali.

I feel so completely useless when I think about the undercover investigators that are over there right now planning raids, collecting evidence, crying over lost kids, and then going back night after night to do it all over again. It’s not the cops either who are doing the work. This is in a country where the cops don’t care and bribes allow pretty much anything. I feel useless, but I’m trying. I’m doing what I can do right now by raising money to help. I joined a group of people with boots-on-the-ground. I teamed up with The Exodus Road, and now I’m only one connection removed from the people doing the work.

You can help too. Check out my donation page for The Exodus Road and help me fund one of these investigators. It’s the first step toward doing more,  but I’d like to take that first step by helping with the funding.


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