Pilgrimage Fellowships Are Live!

We’re officially launching our Pilgrimage Fellowships Project at church that were funded by an anonymous donor. Here’s the breakdown for those folks who are interested.


Application for Pilgrimage Fellows

In academia, a fellow is a member of an elite group of learned people who are awarded an academic position (called a fellowship) to work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice. This type of fellowship is a short term work opportunity for professionals who already possess some level of academic or professional expertise that will serve the nonprofit mission. Fellows are given a stipend as well as professional experience and leadership training.

The goal of the Pilgrimage Fellowships are to…

  • Expand the work of Christ through the Pilgrimage to a greater audience
  • Bestow additional credibility, authority, and resume value on the Pilgrimage Fellows
  • Bring additional exposure to the work of Christ through The Pilgrimage


  • All stipend payments and decisions will be at the discretion of the Fellowship committee, currently consisting of the Pastor and the Anonymous Donor.
  • Any Fellowship mention must include the full real name of the Fellow and the Fellowship. For example in referring to the person- John Doe is a current Pilgrimage Fellow for Social Justice- or in referring to the Fellowship itself- John Doe is a recipient of the Pilgrimage Fellowship for Social Justice.
  • If a website is attached to the Fellowship mention, use http://www.thepilgrimagechurch.com
  • The Fellow will not be restricted in their activities, opinions, and views so long as they do not contradict the beliefs, standards, doctrines or convictions of The Pilgrimage. If there are any questions, consult the Pastor for confirmation. If any activities by the Fellow occur that do not follow the beliefs of The Pilgrimage, the stipend payment will not be awarded.
  • Fellowships are for one year based on a calendar year, no matter what date the Fellowship is awarded with the potential for renewal based on past, ongoing, or future projects. Inactivity within the Fellowship may be cause for revocation within that year. Each Fellow and their activity will be evaluated on a quarterly basis.
  • Aside from work product, each Fellow must attend The Pilgrimage for at least 50% of the services or activities held by the church each year. The threshold for 2013 is 52 services or events.
  • Not all Fellowships have to be awarded every year.
  • Any Fellow must sign a written contract agreeing to abide by the rules of the Fellowship.

Fellowship Incentives-

  • Published works in established print or online sources along with a mention of the Fellowship in the byline or author bio. Published works can be written, artistic, or photographic. $100 per published work.
  • Speaking events where the Fellowship is listed in a program, brochure, and/or promotional materials. $100 per event.
  • Potentially, other activities may qualify but must be approved by the Fellowship committee

Examples of potential Fellowships-

  • Pilgrimage Fellowship for Social Justice Sustainability
  • Pilgrimage Fellowship for Business Ethics
  • Pilgrimage Fellowship for Global Politics
  • Pilgrimage Fellowship for Community Horticulture


To apply as a Pilgrimage Fellow, please supply the information requested below and return it as a Word document or saved as a part of this document:

  • Name
  • Short biographical sketch. No more than 500 words
  • Proposed name and focus for your Fellowship
  • Description of what you hope to accomplish with the Fellowship
  • Description of your salvation/spiritual experiences
  • Affirmation that you understand the rules stated above and agree to abide by them

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