Walk Unafraid on the Boy Scouts & Homosexuals Issue

My son is in the Scouts. I have two other sons and another on the way. Four boys so far, and I plan on letting them join the Scouts. We also homeschool and Cub Scouts activities are a major part of our curriculum. We believe in Scouting in a big way.


As you know, there’s a big issue looming in the world of Scouting right now, the issue of allowing each Scout charter to choose their own path on the issue of allowing openly gay people to serve as Scout leaders and Scouts. I just finished a survey sent out by the Boy Scouts of America to get the opinions of their constituents. The survey contained a lot of situational questions. Would you allow your son to…If a Scout group allowed…Do you feel it’s right if…

Then there were several questions asking my opinion of the matter. In my quest this year to walk unafraid in all my dealings, I wanted to make public my essay response, so here it is…

My greatest concern is the weakening of Boy Scout principles and guidelines in response to special interest groups, minority contingents, funding, and media-driven ideals. At some point, enough has to be enough and a group deserves the right to believe in something without outside sway and influence. I would fight just as hard for this belief if the situation were a polar opposite. If a group allowed openly gay members, that is their right and I would respect that. I would not use the media and the most outspoken critics, including the President, to change what their group believes in. This is no longer a gay issue. It’s an issue of the rights of private organizations to decide who they wish to allow as members.

If you would like a bigger idea of my opinion on the homosexual issue as a whole, HERE it is from a previous blog post.


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