Florida Atlantic University’s Double Standard for Christians

Here’s an article about a recent escapade in academia. This one occurred at Florida Atlantic University with Deandre Poole, who is listed as an instructor and not a professor. Here’s the article with my comments to follow…


My problem with this incident is not so much that the name “Jesus” was used. I understand that other people aren’t going to place the same value on that name and that word that I do. That’s not a reason for me to bash them or belittle them. That’s not what Christ would do.

My problem is that Christianity is simply not treated the same as other religions. We’re the last religion that people can openly make fun of, belittle, stomp on, and openly ridicule. The truly ironic fact is that we’re the ones often accused of being intolerant.

Here’s the catch. The FAU instructor did this exercise and it caused a verbal uproar. With this blog, I’m now a part of that uproar. Let’s change the activity. Write Allah or Mohammed on that paper and ask people to stomp on it. Then you’d have hate crime allegations, Congressional hearings, the instructor fired, and a potential loss of funding for the college. Even worse, you might have folks from that religion target the school for violence and terrorism. You could see the school burned to the ground. You think I’m making this up? It’s already happened in places.

Double standard…absolutely.

Instructor Poole- if you really want to demonstrate the power of words and not take the coward’s way out, write Allah on that paper and ask your students to stomp on it. I don’t think you have the resolve for that.

As an aside, I wondereded what a proper Christian response to that assignment would be. Here’s what I’d do. Take the paper. Smooth it out. Lay it on the desk. That demonstrates what that word means to me. Don’t scream, yell, or belittle people around you who are stomping on their papers. Just smile. Pray. If they ask you about your response, tell them why you made your choice.


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