Dr. Doug Dorman at The Pilgrimage

Dr. Doug Dorman from Your Next Step Institute taught for me yesterday. I love this guy. He’s awesome, and he’s one of the few people that didn’t tell me not to start this work that we’re doing at The Pilgrimage. Be sure to check him out at his website HERE.

Here’s his handouts with my notes…

Therefore_Romans 5_001

Its All About Relationships002


Here’s a mindmap my 8yo son drew during the lesson. It’s always enlightening for me when I see what the kids get out of the messages. If you’re wondering about the guy that’s crucified upside down, that’s Peter. He refused to be crucified right-side-up because he didn’t feel worthy to be killed in the same way as Christ. That story really resonated with my boys. It’s also a great ‘Shame and Honor’ lesson. For more on ‘Shame and Honor’, check my other blog HERE for my write-up on that.





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