Our Church is Small and Undisciplined

It’s interesting, but our little church gets a lot of criticism. It mostly comes from regular, traditional, established churches with pews, songbooks, and a piano. That’s alright, though. My namesake got a lot of flack from a bigger guy too. My first name, by the way, is David.

In my own comparisons I don’t look at our church in relation to other normal churches, like the ones you see on every street corner here in the deep South. I don’t compare us to the size of other things. I think of us in terms of what we do. More often than not in that respect I compare us to fringe groups.

I was reading a pretty good book last night about terrorism in India and found the following quotation. What you see below is actually a paraphrase, because I took out all references to terrorists and inserted church references. Once that change was made, it fit our little group perfectly.

Not every group of practicing Christians is organized, or even wants to be. If you believe something, then there’s no need to elect a leader to achieve your calling. You just go live it.

These groups tend to be small. When viewed from the outside, their organizational principles may look chaotic, even schizophrenic. But they’re not usually. And the ones that are use that to their advantage.

Small means hard to infiltrate. Small means, potentially, disciplined.

It doesn’t mean not capable of big things.

Many thanks to Rogue Warrior Domino Theory by Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFelice for the quote.


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