Mirroring God

A while back I took a class on Biblical doctrine taught by Dr. Doug Dorman of Your Next Step Ministries. It was a really great class. If you ever get the chance to take on of his classes, I’d highly recommend it. Our textbook for the class was Doctrine by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears.

I was reading through my notes tonight and came across a section about the attributes of God where I underlined several passages. I felt this one spoke to what our church stands for and how our church has the opportunity to mirror God.

“Righteousness: God does not conform to a standard of right and wrong, but right and wrong flow out of His character. We mirror God as we fight oppression, injustice, and evil and pursue justice- particularly for those without power, such as the unborn, sick, poor, marginalized, defenseless, and abused.”


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