We’re Certified to Grow Things

Whew! Mention that title at the wrong kind of church and we might seem like a commune growing a special plant that only legal in a few states.

Seriously though, it’s about our community garden. Our tiny little community garden at our intentionally tiny little church has received the Certified South Carolina seal of approval. That puts our garden in the same league as select produce stands, farmers, and other places across the state that produce and give or sell locally. I thought it was a really cool designation. Because of this, we’re allowed to use the program seal in our literature and our garden is listed on the state website HERE.


I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about Lakey Peterson, a female pro surfer. It’s called Zero to 100. It’s pretty good. Lakey is an outspoken Christian who doesn’t try to hide her faith. You can see it come out during the documentary, but she also doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s imperfect either. The documentary also features Bethany Hamilton, the Christian surfer who’s arm was taken off by a shark several years ago. Zero to 100 is available on instant play, so if you have Netflix, I’d suggest watching it. I really enjoy seeing Christians in all walks of life who use their talents and passions to the fullest.


Don’t forget, Operation Christmas Child is coming up soon. Several of our church folks have been very diligent in bringing items in for the shoeboxes, but it’s time to really ramp it up so we can fill more boxes than last year. There’s an OCC launch party coming up on September 14th at Carolina Forest Community Church at 6pm. Elena Hagemeier will be there to speak. She was actually the recipient of an OCC box as a young girl in Russia. She’ll be there to talk about what it meant to her.

Wednesday night we’ll be focusing on Believing In Yourself, believing that God has actually empowered you to live His calling for you. It’s one thing to know what God wants you to do, but we sometimes stop short of believing we can really do it. Remember, Denny’s in Surfside on the bypass at 7pm.

Next Sunday we’ll be doing part 2 of the Don Miller Blue Like Jazz study. This will be another one where we kick the kids out so we can discuss the big issues without inhibition…alcohol, sex, and drugs. There were several mentions of handcuffs this week, so there’s no telling where next week will go. Can you imagine being able to talk about this stuff at church, among other Christians? It’s crazy, right? Sunday at 10am. The kids will be finishing up the story of Joseph.

Come join the craziness with us.



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