Should We Kill Them All or Just Put Them in a Corner?

Should We Kill Them All or Just Put Them in a Corner?

My title is inspired by recent events in my hometown regarding the County’s fight against adult establishments. Looking in from the outside by reading the media accounts and talking to people involved in the situation it just feels like a lot of hatred, like maybe we’re back in the Old Testament days when you could just take whores, kids who talked back to their parents, and folks who worked on Saturday out back and stone them. Nowadays I’m pretty sure that’s not a good way to build relationships with people and show them the love of Christ.

Here’s the headline from the local weekly…

Carolina Forest Red Light001

The message in conversations with most other Christians on this topic has basically been- “We hate you. You’re evil. You need to go away.” Instead, maybe it should be telling them that several of the most revered women in Scripture were in similar professions and actually showing them how Christ loved and reached those women with His gift of eternal life.

This article came out a day later, and my first thought was that many Christians probably feel we should do the same thing here.

N Korea Kills Porn Actors001

Then I saw this article. My first thought was “These idiots are just blowing up the infidels. They’re blowing up their own people.” But we’re also doing that as Christians. At least figuratively we’re killing our own people, shooting our wounded, and leaving them behind.



We talked about these issues in church. What should the church do about adult establishments or should we do anything? It was an interesting discussion, but I’m curious about you too. What do you think?


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