Pickled Foods and Brazilian Natives

Here’s an update of upcoming events for The Pilgrimage…

A great friend of mine Rick Wainright will be speaking to us on September 22. I’ll tell you straight up that Rick is very outspoken, very opinionated, and not a great friend of traditional religion. That’s why he’s a great friend and why I wanted him to come and talk to us about looking at Christianity from the outside in. It’s sure to be fun. I first met Rick at improv acting classes and our friendship has only grown from there. You can bet Rick will say some things that will make you mad and make you laugh.

This coming Sunday evening at 6pm Pastor Stuart will be speaking at First Baptist Church Surfside about Brazilian missions. He’s a veteran of several trips to the region and is sure to be a great resource for inspiration and information. Any questions, contact Roger Reece at 843-602-0350.

For our folks interested in community gardening, here’s an upcoming pickling workshop…

Pickling Workshop001

I also came across this interesting article in a Bible book about Bible gardens. These are actually growing in popularity for niche gardens as people try to grow only plants and herbs mentioned in the Bible.


Here’s a great video interview with my friend Dan Miller. Click HERE.

I had a great meeting today with the South Strand Pastor’s Co-Op today. Our church might be joining in with several other churches in some kind of a big block party coming next year. I’ll keep everyone updated as I get more information.

Don’t forget the continuing Wednesday evening book study group at Denny’s in Surfside on the Bypass at 7pm each week.



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