Top 12 Reasons People Don’t Go To Church

I’ve been a churchgoer since I was a wee lad, and, over the years I’ve both seen and used a lot of excuses to not go to church. Now that I’m a Pastor I see the excuses from a completely different point-of-view. It’s actually hard to not take it personal when regular attendees don’t come to church. It’s even harder sometimes to not say things to people ar ask them pointed questions when they don’t show up. It’s been a process for me to just give that one completely over to God and let it stay between Him and them instead of me trying to play the part of the Holy Spirit.

Based on my experiences I thought I’d give a list of the top reasons that regular church attenders give for not coming to church.

  1. The weather. It’s ___________ (insert weather condition here). Examples include hot, cold, raining, dry, snowing, windy, and others.
  2. I’m tired/sick/hurt/dead.
  3. My _______________ (insert person here) won’t be there today. Examples include husband, wife, fiance, kids, parents, cousins, friend, enemy, and others.
  4. My three alarms didn’t go off on time.
  5. The new iPhone/video game/movie/tv series came out.
  6. I had too much to do.
  7. I’m broke.
  8. I worked hard last week/last night/yesterday.
  9. I just needed a day to myself.
  10. I have a sore foot/bad tooth/migraine/upset stomach or other ailment.
  11. I just couldn’t get myself/everyone ready in time.
  12. The kids were just too wild this morning.

Now, bear in mind, that if you really sit down and talk to most people you’ll find that these same excuses don’t carry any weight if they want to go to a concert, watch tv, go to a movie, sleep, go out to eat, or just about any other activity. It’s funny how that stuff works. The great thing for me as a Pastor is that I don’t have to worry about it. That’s not my job. It’s between them and God, and it’s about relationship and priorities. When regular church folks lay out, all I wonder is how they’re doing, how their relationship with God is, and where their priorities lie. Those are much weightier topics that I need to work on, whether they’re in church every Sunday or not.


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