Giving Away Your Art…Andhedrew Style

We just wrapped up an awesome service this past Sunday with the help of Andrew Miller, the mastermind behind Andhedrew. A few of our people were out, so I wanted to post all of the links and invite them to our 20 day art challenge. You (out there in the web-verse) are also more than welcome to join in as well.

I met Andhedrew through my great friend Dan Miller at 48 Days. Dan interviewed Anhedrew for his newsletter and mentioned his Ted Talk, which was phenomenal. I won’t try explaining everything myself, because Andhedrew does it so much better. Instead, I’ll just give you a list of things to do. Just click on all the links, and they’ll take you where you need to go.

1. Go HERE and watch Andrew Miller’s Ted Talk.

2. Be amazed. It was pretty awesome that Andhedrew didn’t know that lady at all beforehand.

3. Click HERE to join Andhedrew’s 20 day art challenge.

4. Experience the blessing of giving things away.

5. Check out the video Andhedrew filmed especially for our folks at The Pilgrimage.

6. If you need the medium for giving away art, drop by our church anytime and pick up some cards. I printed up church info cards that are blank on one side. They’re perfect for drawing small pictures, writing your favorite verses, writing out awesome quotes, or whatever art you feel like giving away.

7. Journal your experiences giving away art. We plan on talking about our experiences with this project near the end of November in one of our services. If you’re not there or don’t go to our church, tell someone about your experiences and encourage them to do an art challenge.

There you go. Now get started. You can have most of those steps done in about half an hour. There’s nothing legitimate you can think of to not start giving away your art today.


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