Our Church is Rated T for Teen (Most of the Time)

My oldest kids at 9 and 6 are really getting into video games, so we’re having to investigate the ratings on everything they buy. It’s a little confusing though.

I bought Uncharted Drake’s Deception, and it was rated T for Teen. I also bought a Call of Duty game that was rated M for Mature. The teen game is full of strong language, sexual innuendo, and implied sexual situations. The mature game has less cussing, and the worst I can say about it is that it’s really heavy with realistic violence.

It got me to thinking, what label would be applied to our church, so here’s the ESRB video game ratings.

Game Ratings001

Game Ratings002

Overall, I’d have to give us a T for Teen rating, although kids are more than welcome and, so far, none have been harmed during any services. We did have a short series last year where we kicked all of the kids out of the service and they had their own thing. It’s all in how things are presented.

Here’s the funny thing about the ratings chart. On that list of 32 descriptors, in our short 2 years and a month as a church, we’ve hit 26 of them. I won’t tell you which ones. You’ll just have to check us out if that’s piqued your interest. Just know that each and every service makes for a really fun experience.

Hey guys, remember that time we watched the movie that I didn’t preview before the service? Awkward.


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