What Exactly is an Active Church Member?

The question came up the other day with a friend about what a sold-out churchmember looks like. So I wondered, what exactly does an active member look like?

Some people would define it by appearance. How do they dress, haircut, jewelry, etc? Do they have piercings, tattoos, and facial hair? But that’s just stupid. If I dressed just like Jesus did, some people would hate me and other would love me. Since physicality doesn’t even figure into a question like this, I thought I’d look at it from the approach of actions.

To me, as a Pastor of a small church, here’s how I would see an active member-

  • Attendance. Active churchmembers go to church. No, they don’t have to be there at every service, but I’d expect to see them at the majority of them.
  • Giving. Active churchmembers give. Call it a tithe or an offering or both, but they help support the church financially.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities. Active members do church stuff outside of regular services. Special events, projects, etc. The church building isn’t the only place where they do church.
  • Evangelism. Active folks will not only help recruit people to the church but also the cause of Christ. They invite people to church AND they do their best to also invite them into the brotherhood.

To me, it really is that simple. Now for the really hard question, are you an active churchmember?


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