Are You Seeking God’s Best for Your Life?

I’ve mellowed out a lot. In the old days I’d be quick to tell people they were going to Hell if I didn’t like what they were doing. It didn’t even matter if it was sinful or had anything to do with salvation. Sure, in the church I grew up in, we were taught the plan of salvation and that people only miss Heaven by not accepting Christ’s gift, but we were also heavily indoctrinated with the idea that people were lost because they didn’t adhere to our specific legalistic standards. That was wrong.

There’s a different way of looking at things.

Is what you’re doing bringing you closer to God?

Now, if you’re saved/born again, Heaven and Hell are not the issue, but God’s blessing and will for your life are. So, no matter where you are in life, you should constantly be asking yourself if your actions and behaviors bring you closer to God, push you further from God, or just leave you hanging in the middle of nothing. You should always be striving to reach the greatness that God has planned for you.

Is the relationship you’re in bringing you closer to Him?

Does living with someone instead of marrying them bring you closer to Him?

Is the job you’re in the one God really wants you in?

Are you going to the church where you feel God wants you to be?

What about the books you read, tv and movies you watch, and music you listen to?

Your hobbies?

At every step in life, ask yourself and ask God, is this the right place? Is God blessing this?

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