Pushing Past Our Limits (A Guest Blog by Dana King)

This is a guest blog by one of our church’s most faithful members, a great friend, and a former United States Marine Dana King. I’m honored to publish his words.


Pushing past our limits

A few weeks ago I went on a kayaking excursion with a good friend. We set out with a predetermined distance to paddle from our launch site. Our sporadic conversation topics included the divine, tactical and relational matters as befitting two God-fearing, United States Marines making their way in the world.

When we reached the turnaround point, we placed our paddles in the water, slowing our speed to a stop. There we sat, motionless. Not a word was spoken. The only sound being that of the water sloshing against the sides of our hollow craft.

Three minutes passed.

“Want to keep going?” broke the silence. “Sure” was replied. We extended our trip by a few nautical miles on both ends. More conversation, more time to think and discuss. In a word, awesome. Our trip was awesome.

The silence that I wrote about above was important. Neither of us would readily admit to the other that fatigue and soreness was setting in. That the cold water and colder wind had found its way down our spine. The words “Want to keep going” were a Call to Action. To push past one’s normal limits. Like the trainer at the gym screaming “Gimme two more reps!” We all need that one person to challenge and motivate us for better things from ourselves. We’re all aware of how much a personal trainer can charge for an hour, simple supply and demand. We don’t, however, think about how important that same role needs to be filled in our development as Disciples of Christ. How that one person can cause you to pray a little harder, seek a deeper understanding of God’s word, or challenge your beliefs.

I am thankful to have that person in my life. If you don’t have that person in yours, pray for them and seek them out in your life. God may have already given you that person, and you just don’t know it yet.


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