Telling Your Story Part II- Church

We’re in the midst of a series on personal storytelling told in 3 parts. It’s an important series and one that I wish more of our regulars were here to take part in, but, as I’ve heard Pastors say before, the right people were here to take part. Even so, I thought I’d share my notes so any of our readers could also enjoy it. I’ll flush out the notes as best I can so everyone can take what they need from it.

The series is all out telling our stories to others. Part I focuses on telling God’s story. Part II deals with telling the story of our church. Part III this coming Sunday will be about telling our personal stories.

Story Visual Map001

Part II- Telling the Story of Your Church

Much of the notes you’ll see below came about through the discussion time with our members.

The Story- James 2:14-18. This is pretty much our official church verse, the one that drives us.

Passion- Our members’ passions are encouraged and the uniqueness of the individual is stoked. On passion, think about the things Jesus actually did while He was here on earth.

Experimentation- Matthew 18:20

The definition of experimentation is A. a test under controlled conditions that is made to demonstrate a known truth, examine the validity of a hypothesis, or determine the efficacy of something previously untried; B. an innovative act or procedure; or C. to try something new, especially in order to gain experience.

Think of this definition with God in mind.

Expertise & Focus- Hyper-niche. Don’t try to reach everyone. Reach the ones God sends your way. Our church is focused on geeks, nerds, tattooed and pierced folks. Think the audience for specialty coffee vs. Folgers. In this church, more is required of the individual to create better relationships, share hardships, and shoulder a heavier burden.

Share Your Art- God’s art is represented through us as representatives of Him and the church.

Not Afraid to Try New Things- Can you name 3 new things your church has done in the last year, month, week, or day?

Core Equity- Our members agreed that our core equity is that we’re family-oriented and open-minded.

Embrace Them for Who They Are- Matthew 11:28 & 16:24, Isaiah 1:18 & 55:1, James 4:8, John 3:16, and Revelation 22:17

Transparency- We’re comfortable in our own skin as a church and don’t hide that. This is who we are.

Memorable and Iconic- Need I say more?

Savor and Slow Down- Like the great coffee we serve, we like to slow down and enjoy church.

No Mass Production- Can we be any more opposite than a mega church or mass produced Christianity?

Imperfect is Perfect- The screwed up people who make up our church are made more perfect every time we’re together. To paraphrase Jerry Maguire, we complete us.

Essence- Here’s an awesome Tony Campolo story that I thought described the essence of a church that we want to be.


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