Nerd Church and Horror Magazines

It’s time again for the XCon World here in Myrtle Beach SC. Why would a pop culture/sci-fi/comic book/horror convention be at all important to the Pilgrimage? I’m glad you asked.

It’s because The Pilgrimage will be there conducting church services. That’s right, church at the Con, or Nerd Church, as it’s commonly called. This will be our third year doing it. Nerd Church is a culmination of my efforts to bring church to where the people are and the bravery of Robin Roberts and Steven Haines, the show founders, to give us a try that first year.

I know it sounds a little crazy and ridiculously un-Christian to those straight-laced folks who believe that church only happens in special buildings, but it’s happening whether they think Jesus can still work outside of a church or not. Here’s a secret…He can and does. It gets even better. People come in costume. It won’t be unusual for you to see superheroes, video game characters, or ninja turtles at church this Sunday. We also take up an offering passing around a Captain America shield instead of a plate.


If you’re interested, it’ll happen at the XCon World in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center this coming Sunday at 11am. For more information, check out the XCon schedule to see what else is going on that weekend.

If you’re one of those Christians that think we’re all going to hell for doing this, please feel free to tell me why in the comments below.

Matrix Jesus2_jpg-for-web-normal

Now to stoke the fires even more, I recently sat for an interview in the latest issue of Dark Eclipse, a horror e-zine. A good friend and fellow Christian, horror author Jay Wilburn wrote the interview. Aside from the normal questions about me, I had the chance to speak about the intersect of my religious beliefs and pop culture interests in open format. As part of my belief that we should take Christ to the people instead of assuming that Christianity only happens inside the church building, this interview has the chance to expose other people in Christ and salvation. There’s no telling what good can come from efforts like this. Aside from that, it’s a hilarious interview because Jay’s so crazy. Be sure to check it out.


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