God was with Us at X Con World VII

We just wrapped up a really busy weekend at X Con World VII in Myrtle Beach SC, and it was awesome! I am so thankful that Robin and Steven, the founders of the event believed in us and allowed us to do the first Nerd Church two years ago. How many comic and sci-fi conventions can you think of that have church on Sunday morning?

Here’s a quick recap of what happened…

  • This being our third year doing Nerd Church, a lot of the folks were expecting it.
  • Before the Con even started I did a podcast interview with ECN Radio about church. It should be up soon. Loved those guys. They were funny and really got the strange intermingling of faith and pop culture.
  • Had at least thirty conversations with people about Nerd Church and why we do it. People were curious and that’s a great thing.
  • Handed out quite a few church business cards to local folks.
  • Met at least one other Pastor at the Con.
  • Had around 20 people in attendance at Nerd Church on Sunday morning. Some of them even came just for the church and not the Con, which was kind of neat. Others were just curious. A few were my family or church members. Some were Christians visiting the Con who were excited to be able to get their church on and not miss a Sunday while at the Con.
  • At Nerd Church there was a panda, a Catwoman in full leather, a Tinkerbell, and a Captain America.
  • We actually took in $34 in offerings. My son stood at the back with a Captain America shield as an offering plate.
  •  Some X Con staff actually came to find me over the weekend to ask me to go talk to some folks and encourage them. I think it’s really awesome that people are seeing me as kind of the Con Chaplain.
  • I had several really neat conversations with Flash Gordon Sam Jones about church and Bible history. He attended Sunday morning service at my old church Wellspring and enjoyed it. Kudos to Pastor Trey for a great service, he said.
  • And possibly the coolest thing…I met Jesus at the Con.


Aside from the fun of the X Con World itself, it was a great ministry weekend for The Pilgrimage and our Nerd Church outreach.

For more awesome pics, check out our church Facebook page.

Zombie lecture




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