Rebranding our Church

If you haven’t read my last post Rock Bottom, go ahead and read that before this. It’ll tell you a lot about my frame of mind. Things are better now that I had some responses from friends and people I didn’t know who saw the post out on the Interwebz. Then we held a leadership meeting last Sunday during our Father’s Day outing where some great ideas were tossed around.


So, there are going to be some changes here at The Pilgrimage.

We’re moving! No, not a place, but a time.

After growing up in ultra-conservative, uber-traditional churches, it’s hard to break out of acting like a traditional church. Our regular meetings have been at 10am on Sunday mornings since we started, but our irregular meetings at other times have been the most crowded. We cater to a non-traditional church crowd, but we still expected them to wake up early Sunday morning for church.

As of this Sunday June 22, we will be meeting at 6pm and from that point forward.

It’s the perfect time for our crowd. No waking up early. You can enjoy the day with your families. Have a big breakfast. Have a great devotional over breakfast. Even attend another church with your fiancé, friends, etc. Church will also be over before The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones comes on.

We’re also going to be rebranding our church to go after a particular unreached people group. I’ll reveal more about that later, so be sure you’re at church if you want in on the planning for that.


2 thoughts on “Rebranding our Church

  1. I hope you get a lot more people in. A lot of people would prefer night services. A lot are too lazy to get up for morning ones. We will pray you grow

    In His Name, Teresa Powers

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