Top 10 Excuses for Missing Church: Excuse #1- You Can’t Come to Church Because You’re Working

“I have to work.”

It’s one of the most common excuses I hear as a Pastor for people not making it to church. It’s always laden with secondary meaning too. People are basically saying several things when they give this excuse, such as…

  • Work is more important than God.
  • I can worship at work.
  • I have an important job.
  • You want me to be able to feed my kids, right?
  • I’ll go to church another day.
  • I can’t tithe if I don’t work.

Sure, they may seem like valid reasons, but they’re all really just excuses. We all make choices in life, and if you’re using this excuse too much, you’re making it clear that you are choosing work over God.

I’d like to help you, because I’d love to see you find a place to worship God, even if it’s not my place. Here are a few tips for not choosing a paycheck over God. You have to put these into practice though. If you don’t try or ask, you give GOD no space in your life. Don’t put God in a position where he has to take the job away to get your attention.

Ouch! Did I just say that? Yeah, I did.

If you’re getting a new job, tell them up front that you need your day of worship off. It may not be Sunday, so whatever it is, tell them up front. If you can’t have the whole day, just ask for certain hours off. Enough time to go to church and then get to work. If you don’t get the job because of this, maybe God has something better for you lined up.

At your current job, start asking around for people to switch shifts with. You might find someone who needs a different day off for whatever reason and is willing to work Sundays for you.

Those two simple tips usually work for people that actually try them. Now, if you don’t try them, that says more about your priorities than anything else.

Ouch! Did I just…yeah.

If this post makes anyone mad, click HERE.


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